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In the midst of Heram Bonam, one of the most prosperous eras of the Lord’s Empire, there lived a man named Oscar Johnson Brown. Born on August 29th, 503 EIII, in Western Alam, he had grown up extremely poor. He had to spend many of his days working on his farm in order to support his family, which consisted of him, his mother, and his four brothers. His father had left the family when he, the youngest, was just three. Although poor, he had a very strong work ethic. He went to school, studied hard, and was accepted to Dan University. He received a degree of business in 526 EIII. He then founded a very successful wood company, called Brown Timber, and made his fortune. By Imera Eleos of 563 EIII, he was sixty years old. He had just retired in the summer and had given control of the company to his eldest son, Oscar, Jr. He had given a great deal of his money to his mother, Abigail, now ninety years old and senile, and to his brothers, so they all could pursue their dreams, and they did. His oldest brother, John, Jr., now sixty-eight, had become a chef. His second oldest brother, Jeremy, now sixty-six, had become an actor. His third oldest brother, Arthur, now sixty-four, had become a writer. His fourth oldest brother, Frank, now sixty-two, had become a musician. They had all found wives and had many children and grandchildren, as had Oscar. They had all purchased vast estates in the foothills of Mount Diablo, and still managed to donates vast sums of money to charity, and sponsored programs that helped to stabilize the size of the forests so their company would not hurt the environment. He went to compare clothing at the Temple every Sunday, and was a devout and faithful Pescist. It seemed that Oscar had it all made.

Little did he know, at the start of the new year, his life would become a living Hell.

L.B. OSCAR 1:1-1:20